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Ways Students Can Make the Most of College Career Services

Like many parents, my husband and I are not only concerned that our kids have a rewarding college experience, but also become gainfully employed after college. On our initial college visits, the need for Lindsey to take advantage of the career center at her school seemed far in the future. But the college years go more quickly than parents expect, and that time is now. Here are some things we've learned about how to make the best use of a school's career services.

1. Educate yourself about all available resources: Most students are probably vaguely aware that their college or university offers career assistance, but it pays to research exactly what resources are available. For instance, most—if not all—colleges will have a career resource center, and many individual schools within a university will offer major-specific career resources as well. At Lindsey's school, the University of Kansas, there is a University Career Center and individual career centers for the schools of engineering, business, music, and journalism. More >

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